The best way to experience on-the-fly explorations of data. Derby goes beyond files where modern file managers usually stop.
Inspect and produce quality control reports about your data easier than ever, from occasional uses to routine operations over a large infrastructure.
Process your data from software operated daily and improved for 20 years. Telimago is a fast and reliable memento of techniques and data formats.
An Open Source Java API for manipulating data. DRB is extensible, already supports hundreds of formats and makes data access development a friendly job.
Open Source Java and C++ API's for reading and writing XFDU packages, a format specially developed and recommended by the CCSDS Committee for conveying scientific data.
The Control Books and Open Source Java/C++ API's for reading and writing SAFE products, a recommendation from the European Space Agency for the long term preservation of data.
Benefit from our software development team expertise to design, develop and maintain applications tailored to your needs.
Take advantage of a highly experienced team to specify, analyse and monitor the quality of your Earth Observation data production chain.
You need accurate Space Maps of the Earth but don't know how to, don't want to learn how to or don't want to buy software? We do it for you and as you want. We can order, decode, geocode, othrorectify, mosaïc, print images...